SECOND SUMMER is not just a fashion label - it’s a way of life. Born out of the desire to escape the ordinary and live a more free-spirited way inspired by the effortlessly cool island of Ibiza. We are not escaping reality, but simply renouncing the unnecessary, to live more sustainably, consciously and purposefully - and our collections embody this ethos. We don't follow trends, instead we believe in building a trans-seasonal wardrobe that is made to last.

Each piece is meticulously designed in the UK and through mini capsule collections we offer versatile pieces, which can be mixed and matched to build a complete wardrobe. 100% linen and cotton separates form the base to the Second Summer woman's wardrobe.

Our founders Carmel, Amy and Jodi, are sisters and life long friends who have over 10 years experience in fashion and design. Second Summer represents the trio's collective dream of creating an understated, timeless label that delivers wardrobe defining staples designed to make women feel naturally confident and sexy.
We are dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. All our linens are made using an eco-friendly reactive dyeing process and our swimwear is crafted from PETA-approved cruelty-free materials with eco CO2 control, designed with Eco Nylon OEKO TEX certified biodegradable yarn.
Made for the barefoot creatives, the hipsters, the dreamers, the bold, the wild and the free...